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Environment - JØRD uk

bad news

OUR BUSINESS ISn't sustainable

Every kind of human activity has an impact on the environment, even the most ecological.

WHAT's special about what we do

GOTS certified organic cotton

It saves water and does not contain harmful pesticides.

Recycled polyester

Used in small percentages in some garments.

our fabrics

Why are our products so soft?

Our secret is the combing of cotton done with the ring-spun method.

This process aligns all the fibers and makes the material very pleasant to touch.

selective-focus-photography-of-assorted-coloured-thread-1212179 (1)

born resistant

We are heavyweights, that's what sets us apart.

Our men’s T-shirts weigh 180 g per square meter, women’s ones 155 g.

Thicker cotton means greater wear resistance and better insulation.

Many T-Shirts on the market, especially in fast fashion, are around 100 to 120 g.

fairwear certification

The environment is not everything. People count too.

The garments are produced under the monitoring of the Fairwear Foundation, in order to guarantee more correct salaries for the workers, with better working conditions.

Water based inks

Brightful inks. Natural colors.

The use of water as a solvent avoids the use of toxic substances that could contaminate the tissues and the environment.

So what's missing for sustainability?

just one thing


Three simple rules.


Don’t buy what you don’t need and only look for high quality durable items.


Before changing clothes, try to repair those you already have to give them a second life.


If you are forced to get rid of something, remember to recycle it properly.